LYFT FIRST RIDE: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Do we like oh here we go 50% off some savings are here at NYC get 50% off weekday Manhattan rides so look at that there’s another one right there only 400 people liked it so not not that many people know about this you know this is pretty cool if you’re in New York City you know this pertains to your applies to you click this link what does it say lyft first ride free .

I’m waiting for the lift bug and this one might be old anyway some reason it’s not working but you get the point so if you’re looking to drive for lyft you can get up to $2,000 right now by signing up as a new driver the way to do it is to plug in the promo code free driver promo and you can get up to a thousand or two thousand dollars now with lyft and also.

if you’re looking to sign up as a rider use the promo code F or a 2x and get up to $50 as a new rider alright so there ton of different things that lift does it’s not always the same you know if you’re on their social media sites and you like their pages and you follow their pages you’re going to see some discounts or some money-saving links and.

if you click those links you will save money so we have here Cinco DeMayo Indianapolis so they’re right there they have 50% off in Indianapolis and these are probably expired you know these are older but if you like that page you will be able to get them when there brand-new and sign up right away and save save a lot of money thanks guys thanks for listening as always you can like comment subscribe and I’ll be back to tell you couple cool tricks that you can do with lyft thanks guys.

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