How To Start ELEMENTOR With Less Than $100

much details so if this is something you’d like to have covered in a future video let me know in the comment section below and . i’ll create a beginner’s guide to using Guttenberg to take you through all the different things you need to know to get up to speed in double-quick time to start creating pages and posts using Guttenberg but for now .

let’s just take a look at what we can do with this new plugin if we come up to of the little plus in the top left hand corner this is where we can select and view all the plots we have available click and expand. and as you can see we can search for any block that we know or we can scroll through we can find at the top our most used blocks and if we scroll on through everything will be categorized and at the bottom we’ve got the UA GB blocks or ultimate add-on for guttenberg blocks.

at the bottom if we expect to expand that out you can see we now have range of 12 new blocks that we can start to use now these are great because they are really cool design element. so we can start to pull in some additional functions so let’s just take you through step by step each one of these what they offer and what they do with instance a good’n burg itself now before we take a look at the first . block the nice thing about you AGP is the fact it’s a theme independent it doesn’t matter what theme you use it on you’re still gonna get get great results now the one thing to bear in mind  elementor pro nulled.

when you are using Guttenberg it’s not like working with element or visual composer or any of those kinds of page builders you’re not going to see . what it’ll look like inside your theme you’re going to get a much simpler version in a slimmer content area but you’re gonna get the do you have it to switch invite offer between your previews to see what’s going on so it’s not ideal . it’ll be nice to see if they have to take Gooden burg to actually show their information but for now we’ve got to work with these limitations so let’s take a

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