the content section scroll down to the bottom you see posts per page is set to one well we can come around I would say we will set that doesn’t like six and you can see that now displays additional sort of entries for your blog you can set an offset.

if you want to in here and you can also come through and just specify you want pagination on there so it’s very easy to do and as you can see everything looks pretty cool obviously there’s a couple of different blog entries on you that don’t actually have any pictures at the moment but you kind of get the idea so that’s just some of the things that elementor price.

I could think are quite cool about this but that’s not the main reason why I want to show you this there is something that I think for the fact this is completely free really does open up and mate it’s a much more powerful plug-in than a lot of the other options that are available for free so this just taken one of the other widgets and let me just demonstrate what.

I think is so good about this free set of plugins so let’s just say you want to use something like the premium banner try to drop that into there and as you can see we can go through and we can set up all the various different things we want for our banner so we can choose our image from here we can simply come in choose something we think it’s going to be relevant and .

let’s just find something meets the domain Chas I need and we’ll drop that in there so you can see that now drops the image in and we can go to control the different elements for it now this is pretty cool and like I say straight the box this is already quite

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