5 Romantic LYFT FIRST RIDE Ideas

hi guys this is Paul and I want to talk to you guys about lyft and how you can save some extra money with lyft we all know that when you first sign up with lyft there are promo codes that you can use for both drivers and passengers that give you significant discounts and bonuses for new riders and new passengers .

but those promo codes are on this video but if you’re looking for a little bit more and you’re looking to save more after you already started with lyft here are a few good ways to do that the best way is to follow them on social media you can follow them on facebook on instagram on twitter and lyft first ride free .

if you go over their facebook instagram and twitter xym on their facebook now you will see coupons incentive-based programs promotions that are worth looking into now I’m going to press like here and you know you don’t need to do that but it’s good to like their Facebook and then get the feed now here look the second post that they posted second most recent has something to do with airport rides .

it says are you booking a summer getaway we have your airport trip covered for the whole summer get five dollars off your next two Airport rides so five dollars off just to write so I guess you can get $10 off if you’re taking a trip click the link it’s going to ask you to put your phone number in there download and clean they tells you the terms and conditions and underneath limited quantity available max 2 per user $5 discount per ride so that’s one right there if we scroll down a little bit long a little bit onto their Facebook.

I’m just doing their Facebook in this video I’m not going to look at their Twitter or their Instagram but I’m sure you could find discounts on there music fest of all so that you know there’s a bunch of other stuff here Phoenix Airport let’s see what

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